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We currently invite advertising requests from any Camping or Caravanning concern be it a manufacturer, distributor, camping site, service provider or retailer. Advertising formats include standard banners and buttons.

Acceptable Formats for Advertising

Buttons, Banners And Boxes

 Campsite Listings And Features

Horizontal Banners

    Normal Banner  = 480 x 60 pixels

    Normal Banner  = 468 x 60 pixels

    Large Banners  = 728 x 90 pixels

Vertical Banners

    Extra Wide Short Banner  = 130 x 300 pixels

    Extra Wide Small Banners = 130 x 240 pixels

    Normal Short Banners = 120 x 240 pixels

    Extra Wide Long Banners = 130 x 600 pixels

    Normal Long Banners = 120 x 600 pixels

Buttons / Boxes

    Button = 120w x 60h pixels

    Small Box = 130w x 100h pixels

    Normal Box: = 150 x 100 pixels 

UK Listings

    Full Featured Web Pages With Photos And Links

Europe Listings

          Full Featured Web Pages With Photos And Links

Other Ads

    Special ads and page features considered on request

The cost of advertising on our site depends on the location size and type of advert, but we offer very competitive prices and are always happy to take on new clients, no matter how big or small. If you are interested in advertising with us please send details of your requirements via our contact us link below and we will get back to you

 If you would be interested in placing an ad please email detail to us by clicking the Contact Us link below.

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